Green Chapel: Final Photographs


Guest Edge: Final Photographs


After a lot of hardwork, the projects are complete! A special thanks goes out to Gene, Jack, and Agua Dulce Farms for the opportunity to do this project. We would also like to thank Professor Gomes and the TA’s: Todd Ferry, Karl Gleason, Jenna Dezinski, and Brian Doherty, for their help this semester.

Finally, we would like to recognize all of the students who worked so hard this semester:

The Ed Shed Team:

Teaching Assistant: Karl Gleason

Isabelle Atkinson, Peter Binder, Carlos Carballo, Leo Carballero, Sam Cigarroa, Erin Dear, Ricardo Diaz, Jose Gallegos, Daniella Garcia, Christina Hunter, Reid Joslin, Elizabeth LeBlanc, Jack Lozano, Nicole Markim, David Mora, Laurel Morrow, Hai Nguyen, Ben Parker, Yosua Setiawan, Shalika Shetty, Jennifer Stein, David Thompson, Cindy To, Higinio Turrubiates, and Michaela Wright

The Guest Edge Team:

Teaching Assistant: Brian Doherty

John Bodkin, Isabelle Bogran, Victoria Carpenter, Brooks Cavender, Kanietra Diawaku, Joel Effland, Edima Essien, Jess Glennie, Ben Hamilton, Clifton Harness, Toheed Khawaja, Jenny Langley, Ana Lozano, Thanh Ly, Patrick McGovern, Catalina Padilla, Barron Peper, Sadia Quddus, Nathan Sheppard, John Stump, Kiera Tate, James Thoreen, Danny Valles, and Blake Walter

The Green Chapel Team:

Teaching Assistant: Jenna Dezinski

Felipe Calderon, Claire Edelen, Shelley Evans, Jena Hammond, Lauren Jones, Jooyoung Kim, Alex Krippner, Grace Mathieson, Shelley McDavid, Mary Miller, John Jacob Moreno, Loren Muirhead, Lauren Mullane, Jingxin Nie, Anna Roe, Sunny Schneberger, David Schneider, David Sharratt, James Sherman, Alison Steele, and Andrew Wilson.

Green Chapel: 5/16, Build Day 7

It’s our second last day and we are almost there! Even though it’s volunteer day today, we are still very productive. We finished attaching all the chain links to the bottom frame by steel bars. Now the fence walls were straight and tight. For the ground, both side wood edges were assembled and sealed by clay. The middle ground was spread with black sheet and covered by a lay of rocks. Everything was almost done and we looked forward to Friday, the finish day! 

Green Chapel: 4/28, Build Day 6

It is a long and productive day! Since the interior vertical framing of the wood wall is already attached to the steel posts, We nailed horizontal wood pieces on both side with perfect level. For the chain link walls, we attached free hanging chain links to the bottom frame members with steel bars. We also dig ditches along inside edges of chapel and assembled one side of the wood edge fixed by vertical steel bars so far. There is still some work left, but we are almost there!

Green Chapel: 4/21, Build Day 5

This proved to be a very productive Saturday for us! With the other wall secured the remaining concrete footings were able to be poured. The wood wall posts were all cut down to the same height and the cedar boards cut to the right lengths. The interior vertical framing of the wood wall is now attached to the steel posts. It is perfectly level and ready for the horizontal pieces to be added!

The chain-link panels were cut and hung. We had an exciting discovery when the chain-link was attached to the top, but still hanging free on the bottom there were a few panels angled back creating “gills” that opened up at the back. We took a vote and decided these “gills” added to our design and concept, so we cut two new posts that were a little longer to make it happen!

There is still lots to do, but things are really coming together!